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Hummus Express was founded by Adi Kabazo and Jay Eidelman, two friends who yearned for genuine, healthy and authentic Israeli food in Vancouver. They especially wanted the smooth and creamy hummus they knew from their favourite restaurants in Jaffa and Jerusalem.

Being guys, the quest turned competitive. Each attempted to make the smoothest, creamiest hummus in town. Against type, Adi, the engineer turned tech marketer, took an improvisational approach to recreate the textures and flavors of his growing up years in Israel. Jay, a historian and former professional cook, chose the “scientific” track and got out his scale, applying all the  techniques at his command to get to the heart of the mystery and magic of hummus. After a year of research and experimentation, they finally found their recipe.

Now you can benefit from their hard work by experiencing their delicious, healthy food at your home or at a local event.

The journey continues!

Photo of founders Jay and Adi

Jay (left) and Adi (right) on a hummus expedition to the Bay Area

Yay, dad made hummus! Whoa, that’s a lot of hummus.

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Our Food

Hummus Express is dedicated to vegan and vegetarian cuisine, enabling us to focus on the quality and health of our food products.

Our creations are prepared in a local commercial kitchen typically same day and never more than 24 hours before being served or sold. We use fresh only ingredients, opting for locally-grown and organic whenever possible. Except for a small number of items that use egg, dairy or grains, our menu is vegan, gluten and nut free.

Unlike hummus that can commonly be found in supermarkets, the products we serve do not contain any artificial flavours or preservatives. We also make very mild use of garlic and lemon, allowing the gentle flavour of crushed chickpeas and high quality tahini to deliver their goodness.


Our flagship fresh hummus – only 5 ingredients and no preservatives
Cooked hummus beans


Roasted Cauliflower with tahini
Roasted eggplant salad with tahini & mayonnaise
Mushrooms & Onions
Fried eggplant salad (seasonal)
Roasted peppers (seasonal)


Green s’chug – spicy green pepper sauce
Red s’chug – extra-spicy red pepper sauce
Shakshuka – medium spiced tomato and pepper stew
Tatbilla – mild green pepper sauce


Bags by the half dozen (frozen)


Available on Friday’s and eve of Jewish holidays

Whole wheat
Vegan water challah (egg free)

So when are you going to sell your hummus already?!

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In the Middle East hummus is a staple food that appears on almost every table. This dish is often consumed either as a shared plate or a meal on its own due to its high nutritional value. Hummus is high in protein, fibre, and calcium making it a central component of meals for both rich and poor.

While there are several different ways of making hummus, what’s common to all is the capacity of this dish to bring people together and share a fulfilling and joyful experience. It’s no wonder that hummus is growing in popularity in societies outside the Middle East, therefore the time is right to introduce Vancouver with what we firmly believe, and have been told repeatedly, is the best in the city.

We strive to offer the smoothest and most delicate hummus possible. To achieve that we have invested in commercial grade equipment and countless hours in our home kitchens to perfect our recipes.

Providing a creamy, gently flavoured hummus provides a foundation on which we can layer a tapestry of toppings, spices and sauces. Constantly adding both familiar and newly invented toppings allows us to cater to the tastes and preferences of our diners and support the amazing diversity of Vancouver.



  • Is your food fresh?

Yes, all our food is prepared daily within 24 hours of sale. Our food does not contain artificial preservatives and our packaged food is generally labelled with a ‘best by’ date. Please note that some breads and baked goods have been previously frozen.

  • Is your food kosher?

Yes, our food is produced at Congregation Beth Israel (Conservative) and under its rabbinical supervision. All the food is vegan or vegetarian and the ingredients are kosher certified. Please contact us if you want us to prepare kosher food for your event.

  • What are the main ingredients of your hummus?

The main ingredients of our authentic hummus are chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans, or “hummus” in Hebrew and Arabic), tahini (ground sesame seed paste), lemon juice, garlic and salt.

  • Do you cater?

Yes, we love doing events and introducing our product to new friends and fans. We do many community events and private functions. See our event calendar for availability and please contact us to discuss your needs and budget.

  • Do you take orders?

Yes, we will be glad to take your order for hummus and our other specialty items via our order form. Please note that we currently do not operate full time, therefore select your preferred date on the order form.

  • Where can we find your products?

At this time our products are only available for direct sale at our facility. Follow us on social media to receive updates on product availability in retail stores near you.

  • Where can I pick up my order?

We currently provide order pickup from our commercial kitchen in central Vancouver. You will be given the exact street address once your order is received.

  • Do you deliver?

Currently we do not deliver but this may change soon. We will provide updates on this website and on our facebook page.

  • What about allergies?

Unless otherwise specified, our food is nut free and gluten free (except for our baked products). However we operate out of a shared commercial kitchen and cross contamination may occur. Hummus, our flagship product, and some of our toppings contain tahini (ground sesame seed paste) as a key ingredient.